Ozark Horse Trader E-Edition

About Us

"Put the Power of the Horse to Work for You"

As one of the areas' oldest and most recognized buying paper, the Horse Trader has been a tradition for 37 years.

We provide our customers with an audience that can put it’s trust in the Horse Trader. Every Thursday, 17,000 papers are distributed throughout Southern Missouri and Northern Arkansas. The Horse Trader has affordable rates compared to the closest competition which only circulates 5,000 papers at a higher advertising rate. Every week, over 40,000 consumers are reading or viewing the Horse Trader, 28% above national average in readership alone. 75.5% of the Horse Trader readers purchase products or services from ads seen in the Horse Trader. For your convenience, ads can be placed from your home or office on our website.

2014 Audit Report

*Estimates compiled from 2011 CVC circulation & readership study data